I came to march today

not to parade

I came to march because I am still not equal in the world,

not to parade my differences in a sick circus show.

I came to march because our time for celebration is not now;

it is when there is no country which criminalises samesex relations.

it is when freedom from discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity is recognised as a basic human right.

it is when transfolk are not openly abused, or called ‘pretenders’, or beaten, or killed in the streets in front of apathetic bystanders for being themselves.

it is when there is no longer a ‘closet’; when everybody is comfortable to be themselves without fear of judgement; when we label people based on merit rather than on their gender, sex or sexuality, if they have any at all.

I came to march

because our voices are still not heard in the streets

because we are still disproportionately reflected in the media, in education, in parliment.

because the austerity measures disproportionately affect our community.

because the NHS cuts disproportionately affect our transfolk.

And instead of our voices being heard in our march, we are drowned out by the cheering racket of corporate greed.

Instead of our people, our charities, our community speaking in freely on this one day meant just for us

I came to march, I came to protest.

I came in remembrance and in solidarity with those at the Stonewall riots

I came to recognise that the struggle they started is not in vain and is not over.

I came to grieve our broken, our beaten, our imprisoned and our killed

and to challenge their tormentors and their societies and the world which says we are unnatural and that denies our love as sin.

because no-one else will

I came here to march

I did not come to parade

Poem “Pride is a Protest” by Queer Force’s very own Queerio.

Tomorrow the Queer Forcers will be marching in the on of the Pride is a Protest blocs of Birmingham Pride’s ‘Carnival Parade’ sandwiched between commercial floats.

Pride is a Protest.

(via queerforce)

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